Griffin 24.03 is out!

Here is what you will get when you update to Griffin 24.03:

Open file(s) in an external editor

Using the new “Open in Editor” button in the file or layout views the selected file will open in the defaulted editor for the file type selected. This will quickly allow the user to do things like pre-flighting or other production changes like creating a cut path or bleed or other requested customer changes. If changes are made and the file is saved Griffin will see the changes and prompt the user to update the files with those changes automatically.

Onyx Export

The export for printing function has a new option of rip workflow where a new option called “ONYX” is available to create a combined print/cut PDF for the ONYX workflow.

What is Griffin?

Griffin is the wide-format nesting powerhouse.
Automate and improve your job nesting with Griffin – the award-winning, true shape nesting imposition software. Getting started is simple and the payoff for your print business is huge.

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